Dataguess dataflow is a diagram that Dataguess software runs on.

What is dataflow?

Dataflow is a diagram that allows anyone to control the data processing from the moment it is received from source to the moment publishing to external environments. Dataflows are defined with drag & drop components and links. Each dataflow runs as a separate operating system service. Therefore, they don't effect each other in terms of performance and scalability.

How do I create, edit and delete a dataflow?

To create a dataflow choose "Add Dataflow" option in front of the appropriate workstation or workgroup.

In the left side of the page there are components which you can use to process data. You can use only components that you have selected while license purchasing process.

To use components just drag selected one and drop to working area.

By clicking the edit button at the top of the page and enter new name and description to the modal, you can easily rename and describe the dataflow.

Once you make some changes in a dataflow, to save it you need to click on "Save Diagram" button.

To edit a dataflow choose "Edit" option or Edit button and to delete choose "Remove" option in front of the appropriate dataflow.

How do I start, stop and restart a dataflow?

How do I know if there is an error in the dataflow?

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