Dataguess workgroup is a logical space that dataflows are grouped in. Workgroups can be defined as hierarchically.

What is a Workgroup?

A workgroup is a logical space that dataflows or other workgroups can be grouped in. You can imagine workgroups as a folder where you can logically group your workgroups and dataflows.

How to add a Workgroup?

Click on Add Workgroup in your workstation or in an already existing workgroup

You will be prompted a name for the Workgroup you want to add:

Once you enter a name and click Add Workgroup, you will see your new workgroup in your workstation page. You can copy/move other workgroups and dataflows under this one. To see how copy/move works please see here. ⚠️ Copying/Moving a workgroup will also relocate the workgroups and dataflows inside it.

You can create nested workgroups and have a tree-like structure in your workstation:

Now you have workgroups that can help you organize your dataguess data. You can always change your workgroups' name by editing them.

How to delete a Workgroup?

🔴 ⚠️ Deleting a workgroup will also delete all of the content that workgroup contains. If you want to delete the workgroup and keep the data under it, you need to copy/move them first.

If you are sure about deleting your workgroup, you can do it so by clicking Remove under the menu:

Once you click Remove, you have to confirm once more that you want to delete the workgroup and all of the content.

Once you click Yes, continue you successfully removed your workgroup.

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