Forwarding Inputs

Lets you forward the exact value of an input port to an output port

Why would I need to forward an input port?

A component accepts input ports and produces output ports based on how that component works. Component can be triggered by more than one triggers (Schedule, onChange ports) and you may want to store the exact input value associated with the output value.

When you forward an input port, an output port will be created, and you can link this port like you would do with any other output port.

Creating a forwarded port

In the component menu, you can see an option to forward inputs:

When you click the Forward Input you will see a modal that lists all the input ports you can forward:

You can change the names of the forwarded inputs, and select which ones you will be forwarding. It will forward them with the name of the input ports by default. Once you click save, you will see the forwarded inputs will be created with a forward icon:

Now you can link the forwarded input just like a normal output port. This will always show the value of Input 1.

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