MQTT publish component is used to send data to MQTT broker.

Node Definitions

In this section you can enter name and description of the component, MQTT broker's IP address, port and if exist username and password. In addition, you can enter schedule for sending data. Scheduler always publishes all ports' actual values .

Input Ports

This part allows you to publish data to the specified topics. You can send multiple data by adding ports and entering name, topic, Qos level and retain for each port. If you check the box under the topic, the value for that port must include both topic and value (the input value must be a json object with 'topic' and 'value' keys e. g. {'topic': 'foo', 'value': 'bar'}). 'On Change' means that when the value of any port is changed, it will be published to the MQTT broker. Also, you can use Import/Export feature for lightweight way to add output ports.

Output Ports

There is no any output port for this component yet.

System Ports

For more information read here

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