Array component lets you convert your input values to an array structure

Node Definitions

Type Conversion has no unique node definition to be configured, you can give it a name and a description:

Input & Output Ports

Array defines Input and Output ports in one row, as input rows are mapped to output rows 1 by 1. Each input value will be pushed into an array that will be the value of the corresponding output port.

There are multiple things you can define:

  • Length: Lets you decide the length of your array. If the input value changes and the array is maxed at length, the earliest value will be removed from the array like a queue.

  • Default: If the length is bigger than 1, the array won't be completed with the first change in the value. By setting a default value, you can define what will array show for not-yet-pushed values. You can explicitly give a default value, or click the checkbox and make them Null.

System Ports

For more information read here

Working Example

For the first output, the default value was 20, and the screenshot was taken when there are only 4 values pushed to the array. Therefore, the first element, 20, is not yet overridden.

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