Import / Export Ports

Lets you use excel for importing and exporting the saved ports on the component

You can easily manage your ports if the size gets out of hand by using the Import / Export feature. This feature lets you export your current ports (in your component settings) to an excel, and import the excel as ports to your component settings

By downloading the template, you can see how you should fill out these excel files. A template is different for each component and will show you what columns you need to define, for creating them as ports for the component.

To convert your excel rows to port rows in your component settings, you should click Select File and choose the excel you want to import.

If you want to override the current ports, you should click overwrite, and append otherwise. Once you import the excel, you will see that port rows will be created

Likewise, you can export the current port rows to an excel by defining your ports, and clicking export. This will automatically create an excel file, including your port rows currently defined in the settings.

⚠️ Don't import an excel file of a different component, as this might cause issues and your dataflow may not behave as expected.

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