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Synchronizing Ports

Creates and links ports based on the source component
Synchronize feature lets you add and link ports from one component to another. If you have a component and you want to add the same amount of ports with the same name to another component, you should definitely use synchronize feature. You can choose to append/overwrite all ports, append/overwrite a single port or just link all ports together.

Append All Ports

Appending ports from one component to another
This will always append the ports to the component, won't delete or alter any ports that are currently defined.

Overwrite All Ports Both Ends

Overwriting all ports
As warned, this will delete all the current ports (if there are any) you are overwriting.

Append A Single Port Both Ends

You can also choose to append/overwrite a single port to a component. Note that this also will link the port automatically.
Append a port for both inputs and outputs

Overwrite A Single Port Reverse Direction

You may need to sync components or ports from input to output direction. This will not mess with the flow of the dataflow, and safe to do.
Reverse direction, single port, overwrite
If you have already defined the ports, you can link them at once with link all ports option. This will link all the ports from the source. If source has more ports, it will link the first N where N is the number of ports of the target.
Linking ports