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Camera component is used to read frames from IP/USB/GigE cameras, image/video files and url. In addition, you can enter schedule for reading data.

Node Definitions

In this section you can enter name and description of the component, type and url of the source. For video source type you can enter frame skip, and for GigE* type cameras there are options such as frame rate, width and height. In addition, you can enter schedule for reading data.

Output Ports

This part allows you to add only one port and enter the port name of data and read it.

Input Ports

Enable/Disable port allows you to read data only when you need it. The port value must be boolean (True or False for enable and disable respectively). By adding input ports you can forward input values as output values. Also, you can use Import/Export feature for lightweight way to add input ports.

System Ports

For more information read here

* GigE cameras are only supported for Linux OS

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