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From JSON lets you extract values of an incoming JSON input.

Node Definitions

From JSON has no unique node definition to be configured, you can give it a name and a description:

Input Ports

Input Ports of From JSON component accepts data of type JSON. From JSON component will read the fields of these JSON inputs, and extract the outputs based on the user's choice in the output ports.
From JSON Input Ports

Output Ports

You can define multiple output ports connected to a single input port. This is because you may want to extract multiple fields from the same JSON.
Example: Your input value is {"value:" {"data": {"real" : 5}}}
You may want to use the field "value", "", "" separately, and you can define three outputs for this input port
Output ports based on inputs
Deleting an input port will also delete the output ports that are coupled to it.

System Ports

For more information read here

Working Example

Working Example of From JSON
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